Xiaomi unveils Mi Express Kiosk: A vending-machine retail model to sell smartphones

Xiaomi unveils Mi Express Kiosk

Xiaomi unveils Mi Express Kiosk, details as well as photos on its Mi Express Kiosk were shared last week. The Mi Express Kiosk initiative serves as an alternative and innovative way to buy Xiaomi products by leapfrogging the more traditional method of purchasing a new mobile product, which is walking into a physical store and buying at the counter.

The new Mi Express Kiosks are basically vending machines that allow Xiaomi Fans to purchase Xiaomi smartphones and mobile accessories directly but don’t get your hopes to high because it’s only available in India for now. There are two ways to purchase Xiaomi’s products. You can order online from Xiaomi’s online store or partner sites like Jumia Nigeria and via Ali Express or you can walk into a retail shop and purchase one. Today, Xiaomi has unveiled a new way for its fans to purchase its products – the Mi Express Kiosk.

xiaomi vending-machine to sell smartphones

The Mi Express Kiosk has a camera on the top which is actually a Mijia Smart Camera to capture the faces of those who make purchases. There is a large touch display on the right for operating the machine. You will be able to browse the catalog of available products, see specs, make color selections and complete purchase using the display.

The kiosks are designed to accept all forms of payments across credit cards, debit cards, cash and UPI. By introducing these vending machine-style kiosks, Xiaomi has yet again developed a new retail strategy in reaching out to its consumers directly, eliminating operational and cost inefficiencies for the consumers.

Tweet from Xiaomi India announcing the #MiExpressKiosk

While we embrace Xiaomi’s launch in Nigeria and also expect a fully functional after sales service center as a well as an office, hoping that these Mi Express Kiosks would be available in Nigeria shouldn’t be bad I guess.

However, Xiaomi claims the Mi Express Kiosks serve as a highly effective initiative for consumers to easily access and buy Xiaomi products instantly in offline markets. Xiaomi also says the Mi Express vending machines offer honest pricing, similar to that of Mi Homes and Mi.com

In terms of design, the Mi Express Kiosk resembles a traditional vending machine with a see-through glass pane that displays the offered products. To buy a certain product, the user can select options with the help of a large touch screen display which is placed on the top right side of the unit.

All technologies equipping Mi Express Kiosks were researched and developed in India, although the concept has been around in China since last year. The vending machines in China were available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mi fan standing next to the Mi Express Kiosk

The first Mi Express Kiosk has been installed at the Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru and there’s also one at Xiaomi’s office in Embassy Tech Village (ETV) in Bengaluru. Xiaomi plans to set up 50 more kiosks in the coming months, and gradually expand the retail plan across metro cities in public areas with greater footfall such as tech parks, metro stations, airports, and shopping malls.

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