Xiaomi shows off inside screen camera built into display

xiaomi inside screen camera

Xiaomi and Oppo made tech headlines weeks back when they demonstrated under-display selfie cameras on social media. Oppo were the first to showcase an under-display camera that is invisible when the screen is working, and interestingly Xiaomi responded to this news by tweeting “Do you want a sneak peek at the future? Here you go…introducing you to Under-Display Camera technology! #Xiaomi #InnovationForEveryone”

Xiaomi posted on its social media channels that it had found a solution to making the front camera “disappear” that will likely end the trend of notches and elevating cameras, Xiaomi inside screen camera – the technology features a small area over the 20MP camera with a transparent display, made using high-transmittance, low-reflective glass.

The journey of the ultimate smartphone started few years back when more indigenous Chinese smartphone companies cropped up. A smartphone with an infinity display, a smartphone with all screen and little or no bezels, it started off with a notch. A notch that was the mainstream late last year.

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Then smartphone companies like Oppo and Vivo started to develop the first mechanism of pop-up cameras. Interestingly, xiaomi wasn’t going to sit this trend out or watch competitors get a better part of the global smartphone market so Xiaomi made its own inside-screen phone with a slider phone making us remember the old days and companies like ASUS have designed the flip camera.

According to Xiaomi, the company patented a way to make the display transparent without reflecting light in any way when the screen is completely black and the diodes are off. The company says it can implement a proper 20 MP selfie shooter with 5P lens under the panel, but the OLED itself also acts as a plastic layer. It is said to bring better viewing experience than the LCD solution that has a set of pixels constantly turned off, like in the Honor 20 phones or а bunch of Samsung Galaxy mid-rangers.

About the patent that was filed on November 7th 2018 and got approved on May 31st 2019, it shows in the image above that it has a secondary display under the display on top of the camera. 

xiaomi inside screen patent

Xiaomi SVP Wang Xiang tweeted more detail on the under-display camera technology, calling it “the ultimate solution for a Full Screen Display coexisting with a front camera.”

“Xiaomi is currently exploring the possibility of hiding the front-facing camera under the display,” his tweet reveals. “When the selfie camera is activated, the display area over the camera lens becomes transparent in an instant, allowing light to enter.”

“The transparent display doubles as the camera lens,” Xiaomi explained. “By allowing more light into the lens, the display-embedded camera combo is able to produce perfect selfies, clear and crisper than the pinhole camera solution when the camera is activated.”

While we haven’t heard from Xiaomi as regards news surrounding next model smartphones with the tech, we expect it to hit the next Mi Mix, a series which is famous with its huge displays and innovative techs or the Mi series, where we’ve already seen something similar to that of the pop-up selfie camera on the Redmi K20 also known as Mi 9T.

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