Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi officially launches in Nigeria

Xiaomi officially launches in Nigeria

Xiaomi had a product launch in Nigeria on April 24 and I believed it was for the Mi 9 and Redmi Note 7, even though the Mi 9 isn’t available in any of the two offline retail stores I know of or online via Jumia. Finally, Xiaomi officially launches in Nigeria.

I had reported earlier that Xiaomi established an African Regional Department to take on Transsion Holdings, the current king of the smartphone market in Africa. Nigeria is one of the largest and major markets in the continent and Xiaomi was able to have a product launch on the 24th of April in Lagos. I must confess that I was saddened to not have known any details of the launch because I am a MI Fan and digest every sort of information there is as regards Xiaomi’s entry or launch in Nigeria.

xiaomi launch event in Nigeria
Xiaomi celebrating 9 years with Mi fans in Nigeria

At the time of the launch, I was still in Port Harcourt and had little chance of coming into Lagos in time and making sure I knew where the launch would be happening. I was even more heart broken when I saw photos of the launch from Xiaomi Nigeria’s twitter page, I was like, “How did these people know details of the launch and I hadn’t” (LOL).

Redmi Note 7 launch event

I am forced to think the launch was spear headed by Jumia Nigeria; perhaps they did not want too many persons in attendance. I’m guessing it was more of a strictly by invitation launch that had to do with some Jumia Nigeria staff as well as big tech bloggers in the country.

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However, the official Facebook account shared a teaser poster for the event. The poster showed a silhouette of a phone and two major landmarks in the city of Lagos. The phone in the image looks like the Mi 9 and I’m still confused as to why Nigerians can’t access the Mi 9 as much as they could access the Redmi Note 7.

Teaser Photo depicting Mi 9

It was exciting to know and see Xiaomi officially launches in Nigeria and first major product launch in Nigeria wasn’t an entry-level phone but its latest flagship – Redmi Note 7. But the launch on April 24, I think, was only for the Redmi Note 7. And I could notice that two other pictures from the 9th-anniversary celebration were taken with the Redmi Note 7, the first phone from the Xiaomi sub brand – Redmi, a company which was originally a line of Xiaomi smartphones. Redmi is now a standalone business which not only makes phones but even announced a washing machine last month.

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