Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 features and its availability in Nigeria

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 was launched in an event in China with several other products on the 12th of June this year and was made available for purchase on the 14th of June. Here’s a detailed post on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 features and its availability as well as price in Nigeria.

The design of the Mi Band 4 is similar to Mi Band 3 albeit much smarter and much more stylish than previous versions of the smart band from Xiaomi. Even though Mi Band 4 is much more improved and has more features, the major selling points of the Mi band 4 are 1) 0.95″ AMOLED Screen 2) 5ATM Waterproof 3) 20 Days Standby time.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 features

Just before I continue, you should know that Xiaomi launched three versions of the Mi Band 4: Global version, Chinese version (standard) and Chinese version(NFC). Global version & Chinese version (standard) support multi-language. Only Chinese NFC version have NFC and AI speaker function.

  • Build design and display

Interestingly, the biggest upgrades over the Mi Band 3 is the full color AMOLED display on the Mi Band 4. It’s 0.95-inches with a resolution of 120 x 240, and it’s the first time Xiaomi has employed a color display on any of its smart bands.

mi band 4 price in nigeria

The Mi Band 4 like I’ve said earlier has an AMOLED color screen, supports multiple personalized dials, and a 39.9% larger display than the previous generation – Mi Band 3. Comes with a colorful display with 2.5D tempered glass anti-fingerprints. The Mi band 4 also comes with an all new various user interface, supports a wide range of motion modes, smoother and simplified touch screen experience, supports brightness adjust mode too.

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This new color display has allowed Xiaomi introduce watch faces for the first time, which means you’ll be able to customize the look of your smart band sleep screen too.

There are currently 77 watch faces to choose from if you get the Chinese version and only 3 watch faces to choose from if you get the global version. More watch faces for the global version I believe would come in later updates with further options in the future. The design is largely similar to the Mi Band 3 with a silicone strap to ensure it stays on your wrist, and it’s easy to pop the smart band out of this so you can switch to another band when you want to.

Unlike previous Mi Bands, the Mi Band 4 was launched with lots of color choices this year – black, blue, purple, orange, brown and peach confirmed so far.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 features
  • Fitness tracking features

The Mi Band 4 is arguably the most effective, chic and cost effective fitness tracker you would ever think of purchasing.

The Mi Band 4 comes with a heart rate sensor on the rear, just like on the Mi Band 3 but this time more accurate. The activity tracking feature will help you count steps, distance covered, calories burned and also supports 6 work out modes. With the Mi Band 4, you will be able to track other activities such as cycling and running.

The new six-axis sensor in the smart band also allows it to track a variety of swimming strokes and activities. Xiaomi has confirmed it’ll be able to monitor Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly Stroke and Medley when you’re in the pool. It can go into the pool because it’s 5ATM water resistant.

Sleep tracking is also included on the smart band.

  • Other features

Xiaomi has extended the battery life from the 110mAh found on the Mi Band 3 to 135mAh on the Mi Band 4 and this will be able to last you around 20 days from a single full charge.

Another major upgrade to the Mi Band 3 is the inclusion of a microphone inside the Mi Band 4. This allows you speak to Xiaomi’s AI voice assistant to control other Xiaomi smart devices or the music on your connected phone.

Sadly, Xiaomi’s AI assistant is currently only available in China, and from what I’ve gathered, I do not think there are plans to bring it to the global market in the near future.

However, out of the three versions released by Xioami, the more expensive model – Chinese version (NFC) has the functionality for mobile payments, but again it’s unlikely we’ll see it around the rest of the world as in the past the Xiaomi hasn’t included it.

mi band 4 nfc version

As regards incoming notifications on your smart phone, you’ll get notifications from your phone on the smart band and examples shown so far include WhatsApp messages alongside texts or fitness details directly from the smart band itself. 

You won’t be able to reply directly from the screen, so you’ll have to get your phone out to be able to do that. The Mi Band 4 is compatible with phones running on Android 4.4 and above / iOS 9.0 and above. xiaomi smart band 4 features and price in Nigeria

Mi Band 4 availability and price in Nigeria

xiaomi smart band 4 features and price in Nigeria. As expected, Xiaomi haven’t said anything as regards shipping some units to Nigeria in as much as shipping more units of their products were part of the plans they had in the Redmi note 7/ Xiaomi launch in Nigeria earlier this year.

In the mean time, you could order for the global version via AliExpress, click to order the Mi Band 4 on AliExpress

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