Mi Band 4 Price in Nigeria and Full Review

Mi band 4 price in nigeria

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the successor to the Mi Band 3 and it offers great value for money. Here’s a full review of the Mi Band 4 as well as its price in Nigeria.

Xiaomi Mi Bands are wearable activity trackers produced by Xiaomi. The first Mi Band (Mi Smart Band 1) was unveiled during a Xiaomi launch event on 22 July 2014 and five years later, here we are with the Mi Band 4. The new Mi Band 4 comes with some big and colorful changes, making a competitive product even more attractive.

In countries like India, Xiaomi has brought about a revolution in the segments that it has existed in, pushing down prices very hard and driving up the utility to the end-user. Interestingly, Xiaomi launched in Nigeria this year 2019 and they have been making efforts in shipping some of their devices, accessories and products to the country.

Need the complete specifications of the Mi Band 4? I’ve written an article here on Mi Band 4 features.

Design of Mi Band 4

mi band 4 review

In as much as it has the same strap fitting as the Mi Band 3, it comes with a larger 0.95″ display and a brightness up to 400nits. The display is clearly the biggest upgrade from its predecessor as Xiaomi has opted to upgrade from the Mi Band 3’s 0.78″ OLED touchscreen to a 0.95″ AMOLED full-color touchscreen.

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What this simply means is that you can now see more data on your wrist with a simple glance, the color display also opens up the possibilities of customizing the watch faces too.

The design is simple, clean and band is very light when worn as it only weighs 21g. The front of the Mi Band 4 is the touch screen as well as a capacitive button below it. You’ll be to interact/select/use apps on the fitness tracker by a combination of swipes and taps. The bottom of the Mi Band 4 is where the heart rate monitor is, alongside a pogo pin connector for charging. 

Mi Fit App

mi fit app

Using just the fitness band gives you a partial (50%) feel, to get a 100%, you’ll definitely need to pair/connect it to the Mi Fit app. The Mi Fit can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices via their respective app stores, all you need do is search for “Mi Fit”.

The Mi Fit app serves as the primary means of communication with the fitness band. The Mi Fit app is sectioned into three parts: Workout, Friends and Profile. Most of the changes related to the Mi Band 4 reside within Profile [Mi Smart Band 4]. From here, you can control and customize various aspects of your band, including pulling up different watch faces and setting up which apps you want to receive notifications on your band, and idle alerts.

The app is also needed to update the firmware on the Band from time to time and help switch to the local language set on your device, especially the very first time you get it out of the box considering you bought the Chinese version like I did, so it does form an essential part of the Mi Band 4 experience.

Fitness Tracking on the Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Fit App workout mode

The biggest selling point of the Mi Band 4 is its fitness and activity tracking, and to be very honest with you, it doesn’t disappoint. The Xiaomi Band 4 comes with a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope, which allows you to count your steps, track distance walked and calories burned. Also has 5ATM waterproof feature, connected GPS, heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring too.

The heart rate sensor is below the fitness band and sits directly on your skin, to read heart beat per minute you need to activate it to get a score through to your wrist and have it recorded in the Mi Fit app on your phone. This can also be done by starting a workout session, which engages constant tracking for the duration of your session and shows you how you’re doing on the band’s display.

The fitness band is particularly sensitive towards registering steps, I tried controlled and counted walking as well as just swinging my hands while sitting and to my greatest surprised it registered hand movements and incomplete steps as complete steps too. The inaccuracy is within bearable limits though.

The Mi Band 4 also has modes for cycling and swimming, but I haven’t tested it for either of those activities yet because I’m yet to find out time to go swimming or get a bicycle to ride a short distance. I have had the fitness band on while having my bath and have also put it through some submersion test and I can attest to its waterproofing.

Just as how the step tracking is handled automatically, sleep tracking is also handled automatically. This was actually the part that threw me off balance as I was in awe with how much data it could pick.

The Mi Band 4 has been able to accurately detect when I fall asleep and when I get up, with variances lower than 2 minutes. This surprised me initially because I usually spend a lot of time in bed pressing my phone before falling asleep and after waking up, my phone, sadly is the first thing I pick up while in bed.

With that being said, wrist movement during these periods slows down without me falling asleep and the Mi Band 4 recorded this correctly!

You should also know that the Mi Band 4 does not have a dedicated GPS within itself as it’s not a Smart Watch but you can use the GPS of your phone to track the routes you take for activities like Running and Cycling. You also get some more detailed information here, such as average heart rate, stride, cadence, and others, depending on the activity.

Mi Fit App compatibility

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 features Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above, or iPhones running iOS 9.0 and above.

To get it connected and synced, you just have to download the Mi Fit app to your phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

To keep app always running in background you’ll have to go to the “Run in Background” tab and allow auto start, give no restrictions to your battery manager and lastly lock the app on recents page.

Battery Life of the Mi Band 4

battery life of mi band 4

Saying the Mi Band 4 has a good battery life is an understatement, it has an excellent battery life, thanks to its 135mAh capacity.

Here’s how the battery life would serve you theoretically, I would create a group of 3 people that use the band differently. Group 1(heavy users), Group 2(mild users) and Group 3(very light users).

Group 1 are people that have the band connected to their phones 24/7 and with continuous heart rate monitoring, frequent notifications, lots of walking, and sleep tracking.

Their band brightness level is set to max every time. For these set of people, the band would last approximately 2 weeks and some days for them on a single charge.

Group 2 are people that have the band connected to their phone today, two days later it’s not connected. They are the ones that set only about 5-6 app notifications for the band and don’t walk long distances and also do not always go to bed while wearing the band.

Their band brightness is set to 3 bars during the day and 1 bar at night. For these set of people, the band would last approximately 3 weeks and some days for them on a single charge.

Group 3 are the very light users, where the Mi Band 4 spends a lot more time on their tables, wardrobe or desk than on their wrist. They seldom use it for alarms or probably have just the call and sms alert notification turned on.

Their brightness is set to 2 bars during the day and 1 bar at night. For these set of people, the band would last approximately 4 weeks and some days for them on a single charge.

Be that as it may, it’s quite liberating to know that you could actually pick up a device and not worry about charging it for more than a week at least. The sorcery Xiaomi have been using on the battery life of their smartphones is even stronger on their fitness tracker [LOL].

In terms of charging, it might pose a little bit of a challenge or give you a slight headache as you’ll be forced to pull the tracker itself out of the strap, place it in its charging box and then plug to an adapter and it does charge quickly too.

User Experience

You’ll be able to change your watch face with the pre installed faces that come with the app or you can pick from the ones designed by Mi Fans globally.

Depending on the watch face, the band homescreen can display the time, day, date, steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, and band battery status.

One new feature of the Mi Band 4 is its ability to lock the fitness band with a 4-character PIN (1 to 4 only) when it is not being worn. This is to prevent people from reading your notifications (in uncleared history) if you leave the band unattended to. It’s a welcomed innovation but not as secure and cool as the Wrist Detection Lock on the Apple Watch.

Swiping down on the home-screen brings you different pages for Status (Steps, Distance, Calories, Idle Alerts), Heart Rate, Workout (Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Cycling, Walking, Exercise, Pool Swimming), Weather, Notifications, and More (DND, Alarm, Music, Stopwatch, Timer, Find Device, Silent, Band Display, Settings (Brightness, Lock Screen, Reboot, Factory Reset, Regulatory, About)).

Another new feature is the Music App. When using the Xiaomi Band 4, you can control the music playing on your smartphone.

Mi Band 4 Price in Nigeria

The Mi band 4 price in Nigeria isn’t fixed and fluctuates wildly as Xiaomi Nigeria on their part haven’t made the fitness band available in Nigeria yet, but some sellers has imported it and are selling it on Jumia. You can also get it from Ali Express and have it arrive within 15 days.

Click to buy Mi Band 4 on Ali Express

Click to buy Mi Band 4 on Jumia

Ultimately, the Mi Band 4 offers unbeatable value, when used as a fitness tracker and a smart band. The only downside might be charging but asides that I had no major complaints with this fitness band, and I can confidently tell you it’s worth every penny spent.

If you’re looking for an affordable fitness tracker/band that has basic smartwatch functionality without breaking the bank, then the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is your best bet.

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Xiaomi Smart Band 4




Software & Performance




Battery Life


Value for Money



  • Affordable
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • AMOLED Panel
  • Excellent Battery Life


  • Charging box is easy to lose
  • Only connected GPS

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