How to Display Battery Percentage and Network Speed on your Xiaomi


Have you been struggling with getting your battery percentage being displayed next to your battery icon on your xiaomi phone? Is MIUI 10 battery percentage outside the icon?

Well, worry no more for this post would show you how to display the battery percentage and network speed on your xiaomi smartphone.

Displaying the battery next to or in the battery as in the case of MIUI 10 is very essential when monitoring how much juice you have left in your battery to enable proper planning of battery usage.

The MIUI 10 has brought major changes to the xiaomi UI and one such change is the UI of the battery icon. Some xiaomi fans are disappointed with this change and have requested to bring back the old one. Developers have paid attention and brought the old design back. Don’t worry the new one is still there here for those of us that love the MIUI 10 and in this post I would be illustrating with MIUI 10.

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Here’s how to display battery percentage in MIUI 10

Follow this simple and short procedure;

Go to Settings >>> Notification & status bar >>> Battery indicator.

When you click on it, now you can see only two options instead of three in previous MIUI. The two new options are Graphical and Percentage.

Here’s how to display network speed on your xiaomi phone

Network speeds are essential if you’re one that likes to keep track of their download and upload speed as it could also tell when you’re in an area of slow or fast network. The network speed can be seen always on the status bar which can be quite useful in many instances, here is a step by step tutorial on how to turn the option on for every xiaomi phone.

Go to settings >>> Notification & status bar >>> Show connection speed.

Then toggle on and off.

However, I will be posting more tutorials, but this is all on how to display battery percentage and network speed on your xiaomi smartphone

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