How to Customize Watermark in Redmi Note 7 and other Xiaomi phones

Customize Watermark in Redmi Note 7 and other Xiaomi phones

All Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI lets you turn device watermark on or off that shows at the bottom left-hand corner of every photo, but there’s no way to customize the watermark yet, except for Xiaomi Mi 9 users.

Want to also know how to edit watermark in Redmi Note 7 Pro? In this post, I would show you how to customize watermark in Redmi Note 7 and other xiaomi phones. Reports suggest that Xiaomi is working on new MIUI camera features that will include custom watermarks for all devices, while we wait for the update, here’s what you could be using in the mean time.

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Recently, you must have seen many photos online having the “Shot on X” watermark. While some OEMs like Xiaomi have this feature built-in, others do not provide it. For xiaomi users that want to be able to customize their device watermark let’s get started.

How to Add Device Watermark on Redmi Note 7

Watermark in Redmi Note 7

The default text for some xiaomi phones is “Shot On X with Dual Camera below” while others just show the “phone model with AI Dual Camera below”.

However, unlike Xiaomi Mi 9 users you cannot change the text or add your name. But, if you’re okay with the ‘Shot on X’ text, here’s how to get it:

Step 1: Open the Camera app on your xiaomi phone and tap on the three lines at the top right corner.

Step 2: Tap on settings

Step 3: Toggle on Device watermark

How to Customize Device Watermark on Redmi Note 7 and other Xiaomi phones

Customize Watermark in Redmi Note 7

To customize watermark on Redmi Note 7 or any other xiaomi device, you will have to download a third-party app from the Google Play Store. The app goes by the name Shot On Stamp.

customize watermark using shot on stamp app

Click to download the Xiaomi Shot On Stamp app to customize device watermark.

The developer has combined the then two separate apps – Camera and Gallery for each brand. With the Camera app, the watermark will be added automatically to all the new photos. Using the Gallery Shot on Stamp app, you can add the Shot on watermark to old photos as well.

To customize watermark in Redmi Note 7 and other Xiaomi phones using this app, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Install the Shot On Stamp app for your xiaomi device from Play Store.

Step 2: Open the Shot on Stamp, the app gives you multiple options. Tap the Logo option if you want to change the logo.

Step 3: Tap on Shot On to input your device name and Shot By to customize.

Click on advance to change the stamp position, size, and font.

Step 4: Open the Camera app on your device and take a photo normally. You will receive a notification saying ‘Stamp added successfully’.

Step 5: Open the Gallery app of your device and check the latest photo. Your photo will have the customized device watermark you’ve just created.

Here’s a photo sample showing the difference between the watermark from the Shot On Stamp app and that from the default Camera app.

Customize Watermark on Xiaomi phones
Customized watermark via Shot On Stamp app
Default watermark from stock camera app

Ultimately, since this is a third party app, it’s not so identical to the one from Xiaomi. If you really need to customize watermarks on shots taken by your phone then this could come in handy while you wait for the new MIUI camera features to be sent to us.

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