Animoji is back as new version of Xiaomi Mimoji debuts on Xiaomi CC9

Animoji is back as new version of Xiaomi Mimoji debuts on Xiaomi CC9

Xiaomi has decided to bring back its animoji-like feature called Mimoji and the first phone models to get Xiaomi Mimoji are the CC9 series of smartphones. Animoji is back, as new version of Xiaomi Mimoji debuts on Xiaomi Mi CC9 that was launched in Beijing yesterday.

If you’re planning or want to buy Mi CC9 in Nigeria, it might take a little while to get into the country.

If you must have noticed, Xiaomi is really having a busy summer right now. Xiaomi turned 5 in India last month and they promised Mi fans in India 5 new product launch every week for the next 5 weeks. Be that as it may, Xiaomi just launched its new Mi CC9 series yesterday.

Smartphone brands like Apple have the animoji-like feature called memoji for their iPhones, ASUS has the animoji-like feature called ZenMoji, Samsung has the animoji-like feature called AR-Emoji and finally Xiaomi has the animoji-like feature too and it’s called Mimoji.

Furthermore, Xiaomi had already launched this animoji-like feature on the Xiaomi Mi 8 and later had it ported to all Android 5.0+ devices. The old version of Xiaomi’s Mimoji had features like:
a) 12 Mimojis, with a video recording of up to 30 secs.
b) Change the audio pitch to Women, Men, and Cartoon.
c) Save the result to your gallery or share the video.

Fast forward to today, one can say that this feature is no longer popular among Xiaomi users but animoji is back as new version of Xiaomi Mimoji debuts on Xiaomi Mi CC9.

I had earlier reported that Xiaomi says the Mi CC9 series are aimed at the global young generation and it only makes sense that Xiaomi is bringing mimoji back and debuting it on the Xiaomi Mi CC9 series. The new version of Mimoji will definitely have new and more features than seen on the Xiaomi Mi 8 and other Xiaomi devices that have the AR core.

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Just so you know, only 4 Xiaomi phones currently have the google ARCore integrated and they are:
a) Xiaomi Mi 8/8 SE
b) Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
c) Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
d) Pocophone F1 (global version)

Only these models will be able to get the mimoji apk mirror.

Be that as it may, the app will have a few limited edition characters such as the Bunny mascot and also give you the ability to turn your own face into an emoji. Xiaomi executive Lao Wei shared a post on Weibo that the Mimoji app allows you create 165 different hairstyles, faces and accessories.

xiaomi mimoji

Apart from that users will also have the ability to take photos, record videos, and even add their Avatars to famous paintings. I’ve read many articles that claim Xioami is copying Apples Memoji by creating their own Xiaomi Mimoji but Apple doesn’t have any trademarks over memoji nor do they own the concept of virtual avatars.

The concept behind and the use of the phrase memoji existed prior to Apple’s introduction of it into iMessage last summer at WWDC. Additionally, Samsung beat both companies to cartoon AR avatars with its slightly more horrifying Galaxy S9 AR Emoji feature back in February last year.

That being said, Xiaomi has issued a statement clarifying that it has not copied it from Apple. It also threatened to take legal action against those who keep spreading such inaccurate information, whom the company is calling rumor-mongers.

Xiaomi mimoji statement
Xiaomi Mimoji Statement

In terms of specifications, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 has a 6.39 inch, full HD+ (1080×2340 pixels) AMOLED display powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 SoC. The battery capacity is 4,030 mAh which is slightly higher than what we saw in the Redmi Note 7 and interestingly this battery will come paired with a 27W fast charger.

The Mi CC9 focuses more on camera. The rear camera is a 48-MP IMX582 found on Redmi K20. The front camera has a 32-MP, as the Mi CC9 series are focused on selfie, the performance of the processor is not in the spotlight here.

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